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Here you can can find all the answers to clear your doubts out regarding Masha Rener’s cooking method and range of offered services.

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Yes. All the services offered by Masha Rener are covered by an official agreement mutually agreed by parties, whether the work is carried out in Italy or abroad. The contract will cover key role and responsibility, key delivery dates and terms of payments.

Given the broad selection of services, and therefore the high number of variables that could affect the end price, the quickest and easiest way is to get directly in touch with Masha sharing key requirements in order to receive a cost estimate. Whether a larger event is requested a site visit will have to be carried out in order to grant an actual evaluation and impeccable service.

Masha Rener is flexible and adjustable to your needs and available to travel where requested. When defining the contract terms an expenses reimbursement provision will be included in order to cover travel costs. Masha Rener speaks fluent Italian, English and Croation.

Of course. Masha cannot identify for you a specific diet but on the basis of what specified by your doctor she can help you out to embark into a journey of healthy eating lifestyle. This will be delivered through the selection and use of organic and seasonal raw ingredients with the aim to make this journey not only functional but pleasant and fulfilling.

Sure thing. Masha Rener’s unrivalled experience to supply tailored consultancy is solidly tight to Italian cookery traditions with a dedicated attention to healthy cooking methods respectful of the original nature and taste of raw ingredients. she can support and advise you in creating customized menus inspired by tradition (and beyond) as well in personal mentoring and staff training, developing business cost saving plans from reducing waste to administration of suppliers and utilities.