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Why Masha Rener chef

It doesn’t really matter how many recipes, culinary books or cookery tv programmes you may have gone through because, at the end of the day, what really counts, are results.

Masha Rener chef goes straight to the point:
a healthy cooking method, soucy, tasty, light and healthy which only foresees the use of the best raw ingredients blended in meals that will reach your heart and soul before your palate.

We all carry, within ourselves, a strong love and appreciation for food. Let yourself be guided by Masha’s talent. Her unique ability to calibrate knowledge and passion will take you to a whole new level of self satisfaction you will hardly be able to give up to.

Technique, taste and wellbeing

Thanks to her long lasting experience and to her inner talent, Masha Rener is a capable professional able to bring to life flavours whilst respecting the original nature of the ingredients.

Following her mum’s Dada footsteps, Masha keeps pioneering a wholesome cooking method described upside down: a fat free technique which foresees a low temperature cooking approach which seals flavours within.
Thanks to this unique technique, raw ingredients preserve their natural and original flavours.

This innovative cooking method delivers a unique combo and balance between wholesome and tasty, paying strong attention to the quality and provenience of ingredients. The result is a perfect blend of harmonious flavours delivering a memorable experience.

Masha Rener’s background and Bio

A true love story born nearly twenty years ago, fueled by the her biggest passion: cooking.

Since the first days, Masha Rener, born in 1980, has been has been paying strong attention to culinary methods and skills of the most renowned chefs and names of the Italian culinary scene. Starting off with her mum Dada Rener, whose presence at the Italian National TV Channel Rai “la Prova del Cuoco” counts ten years of shows. A very young Masha, aside being mentored by her skillful mother, was also seen running her family restaurant La Chiusa set within the Niccone Valley.

La Chiusa opened back in 1985, a pioneering business idea started off by her parents Claudio and Dada Rener. They made the call to leave the hectic city life to start a new life in a piece of paradise located on the border between Tuscany and Umbria and without even realising it they opened one of the first organic country farm. Since that moment La Chiusa became a famous hub of reference within the hospitality and culinary landscape, visited by expert in the field, gastronomics and food lovers. As the reputation and positive perception of La Chiusa increased Dada embarked into the new journey of being a public figure and Masha kept on learning from her mum innovative and pioneering cooking techniques.

A beautiful yet intense journey, a life-long experience that, step by step, has recruited Masha since her teens into the wonderful world of cooking.

A journey focused on practicing, on learning and experimenting, holding one pan in one and whilst the other picking vegetables from the garden, till the day the Reners fully handed La Chiusa’s hospitality business over to Masha.

One marriage (now over) and two beautiful kids after, Masha finds herself running the business on her own giving her the opportunity to keep on perfecting her passion for cooking gifting her customers with new culinary experiences every day. Today, after many years running a hospitality business she makes the call to challenge herself yet again embarking into the world of private consultancy.