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Italian traditional cooking classes

Bespoke italian cooking courses hosted by chef Masha Rener can last from one day up to a total of 4, according to the customer needs.
During the classes, rather than focusing on specific recipes Masha will be thrilled to help you get familiar with the basis of a healthy cookery lifestyle, to set the ground to own a unique cooking technique. This approach will allow you to have the basis to then be able to translate your favourite recipes into the ultimate deal thanks to Masha’s method.

During the lessons you’ll be introduced to the basis of Italian cookery traditions, only using locally sourced and seasonal raw ingredients. Paying strong attention to the right balance between taste and your own wellbeing, thanks to the unique upside down fat free cooking method.

At the end of the cookery class all participants will be taking part to a convivial meal where they’ll be able to enjoy the creations prepared during the workshop, sitting by Masha’s side who will be thrilled to discuss in detail the menu.

Cooking classes can be organised for either group of people or on a one to one basis if preferred. these can also be held to host larger groups of trainee chefs with a more advanced skill set.

Course’s objectives

The objective of outcome of a “standard” cookery classes is to:

  • Bring to life a customised menu

  • Select and blend rich ingredients

  • Measure out the correct quantities

  • Cook without the use of fats

  • Preserve the original flavours and sensory properties of the ingredients

Would you like to take part to a base cooking class or uplift your cooking skills?

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