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Restaurants consulting services

Consulting services dedicated to restaurants business professionals or to those that are looking to set the ground to the launch of a successful start up business in the culinary field.

Whether you are looking at get ready to launch your own start up or to re-look at strategically repositioning your existing business, Masha can support you through an evaluation of your objectives in order to fully meet them by applying a tailor made consultancy plan aligned to your needs.
Masha’s extended and trustworthy experience within the food industry will secure the delivery of a successful consultancy plan aimed at:

  • Create/re-define menus, paying strong attention to seasonality, sourcing and provenience of the ingredients, always following a healthy and organic sustainable approach

  • Training and mentoring of staff, in order to improve the level of service

  • In depth research and scouting of organic raw ingredients, secured only through trusted suppliers securing best end results whilst not forgetting about keeping costs down

Healthy eating diet and habits

Last but not least Masha Rener is a precious source of endless tips to craft healthy diets and low fat solutions to help you marry taste with quality, body and soul.

Are you new to the catering industry or considering to repositioning your existing business?

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– Menu composition consultancy for Amano Bistrot new opening –

c/o London 2017